Our Apps


With over 70 herbs and spices, 50+ ingredients and 19 different meal styles, you'll never be lost in your kitchen again.
Herbert the Herb & Spice Helper allows you to mix and match ingredients and meal styles to see what combinations are best.
Each herb and spice comes with a list of compatible herb and spices, and also what you can use instead, so you don't have to run to the supermarket at the last moment.

Wino the Wine Advisor

Over 300,000 possible food & wine combinations.
Discover what wines go with your favourite foods, with Wino, the best wine & food pairing assistant for Android.

Describe your meal and find wine pairing suggestions, including a brief description of the wine.

A simple tool that makes it easy to calculate the dimensions to resize an image.
Great for graphic designers, or anyone resizing images or video.

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